What you can do to take action for Climate Change

100 ways to take action

  1. Commit to planting. All plants sequester carbon, and the more the better. While the Amazon Forest is essential to the Earth’s health, grasses, prairie plants, and boulevard plantings all make a difference. Bottom line, learn how to grow plants and get started.

  2. Buy local. Everything we grow to eat locally saves transportation costs and reduces CO2 production

  3. Commit to using 30% less of everything, be it toilet paper, shampoo, dish soap. Everything we make and use has an energy cost, be it through manufacturing, packaging, shipping, and disposal. Use as little as possible to get the job done. Everything conserved cuts our carbon footprint.

  4. Commit to conserving water. There are many reasons to conserve water but we will focus only on the need for energy costs of providing water. Water is often pumped taking energy and we have to recycle utilizing water treatment plants. Heating water has huge energy requirements. How often do you use hot water when cold water will do? How often could you take a shorter shower to decrease hot water use? No, we won’t suggest a cold shower. Conserving water whenever possible would save tremendous energy costs.

  5. Don’t buy a truck, unless you absolutely need one, then buy the smallest one you can. If you live in a remote, location accessed only by dirt roads, do you need the 2500 instead of the 1500? Can we rent a truck twice a year for the big garbage hauls to the dump?

  6. Then next time you purchase a car, make it an electric car. If you have solar panels you can really drive economically and spare emissions. Then try using the electric car to carpool to work, and the gas vehicle for long trips.

  7. Buy smaller cars instead of a mini-van. The carbon footprint of a mini-van is certainly much bigger than a small car, which usually holds 5 passengers.

  8. Ride a bike, it can be electric or motorized.

  9. Build smaller houses that are carbon neutral.

  10. Solar electric and solar hot water goes a long ways in reducing any need for carbon base fuels.

  11. Small houses are beautiful, need a space for a family gathering once a year, rent a space.

  12. Need a spare bedroom, use a convertible couch and a draw sheet for privacy.

  13. Turn the lights out. Practice, get support, get an agreement to remind each other.

  14. Wear clothes longer. Let’s extend the frayed, used look to be the new fashion statement.

  15. Get a carbon footprint assessment. Then commit to offset it.

More to come.